DUZA® CHEM-FLEX coating systems are zero- and low VOC two-pack hard tough flex coating systems, based on the latest low molecular hybrid technologies.

In a conventional coating system flexibility and chemical resistance are linked to each other. Low crosslinking density gives high flexibility but lower chemical resistance. High crosslinking density gives high chemical resistance but brittleness of the system.

Combining low molecular and hybrid technologies within one molecule enabled us to break this deadlock. Because the small particles are tightly close to each other, the openings in between are too small for getting attacked. Despite crosslinking density is high, the particles self-adapt to the forces developed during impact or bending to reduce the stress that builds up, preventing cracks.

DUZA GROUP B.V. has over 12 years of experience in low molecular technology which has led to some unique tailor-made products for marine and industry.

Many coatings show after aging (hair)cracking problems due a combination of stress, impact and continuous cure.

Toughness combined with high flexibility combined with high chemical resistance

Not existing elsewhere
Low VOC = zero to 1% solvent content
Money and environment saving

Extreme adhesion on a non-blasted surface.
No brittleness but lasting flexibility.
Excellent chemical resistance.
High surface density so easy-to-clean.
Low extra weight of max. 25 kg.
Recovery of pitting.
In case of mechanical damage easy repair on the spot.
Removable again without blasting.


High purchase savings of about 40-60% compared with conventional systems.
Lower investments due to the longer lifetime.
High cost savings in terms of downtime caused by failure.
Reduction in cleaning time/costs.


Based on the latest available products and techniques, the impact on the environment is significantly lower, so the system brings a durable contribution to a cleaner environment.



DUZA® SEAL is an unmatched 2K coating based on the latest Low-Molecular-Technology, developed as a highly transparent sealer to considerably extend service life and intervals of maintenance/recoating ( theoretically 25+ years/depending surface and circumstances). 

DUZA® SEAL consists of the unique chemical combination – simply said – of epoxy, glass and plexiglas, being thin as water without solvent activity(less then1% so low VOC), therefore it can be applied easily in an extremely thin layer by wiping.

By its self-adjusting flow properties after application, it becomes an ultimate closed, tough, smooth and high-gloss film layer which, in addition to all corrosion-protective properties, is also highly repellent to e.g. water, dirt, atmospheric pollution, mildew, germs, bacteria, mites, graffiti, ice, etc.

DUZA® SEAL more than fully meets today’s needs:

• Less coating ( theoretically 1 l/100 m2)
• Less solvent (less than1%)
• Long lasting life span (theoretically 25+ years)

Less coating ( theoretically 1 l/100 m2)
Less solvent (less than1%)
Long lasting life span (theoretically 25+ years)

Highly Reduced Carbon Footprint

Other Specialties


The team at Duza Group Coatings is committed to developing unique products for specific applications and markets.

Nanotechnology is the future, so choose a company with the future in mind. Talk to one of our technicians today about your future requirements. DUZA GROUP offers an innovative solution that is based on the latest nanotechnologies and application techniques.


DUZA® C-GUARD 7 is a 2-component solvent containing hard coating with high impact resistance, based on nano-technology, to protect (painted)constructions safe and almost maintenance free, so durable, against chemical and atmospheric corrosion.


DUZA® M-GUARD 524 is a 2-component polymeric coating based on latest nano-technologies to protect (painted)constructions and (FRP)propellers of wind turbines safe and durable against corrosion, atmospheric pollution, bird drops and other damages.


DUZA® VENTICOAT BK is a unique one-component waterborne coating based on nanotechnology, specifically designed to apply a thin semi-permanent (reversible) protection film for air ducts. This highly continuous smooth non-burning film layer ensures that contaminants hardly settle (hygienic) and cleaning is more quick and easy. Easy to apply by using the same nozzle (duct brush machine) as for the cleaning agent and at low cost. Maintenance and removal with other DUZA products.


DUZA® SPEED CLEAR X is a 2-component solvent based hard flexible coating based on nano-technology to protect boat hulls almost maintenance free, so durable, against dirt, algaes, barnacles, mussels, etc.


DUZA® PEE-PROTECT is a one-component waterborne coating based on nanotechnology, especially designed to easily, quick and affordable apply an invisible, long-lasting protection film that protects against the damages and smells of urine, but also protects by scaring of through peeing back.

DUZA® PEE-PROTECT is extremely water and dirt repellent, which makes urine splashing back (pee-back-effect). In addition, the protected surface is easy-to-clean which makes cleaning less frequent and much faster/easier.


DUZA® NON-STICK is a hard clear 2K nano epoxy polysiloxane coating with excellent anti-stick and anti-corrosive properties.

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